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When Winter Comes

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warm and stylish coat

This is the best option when winter comes. You can create a warm and stylish coat, which is warmer than all the other clothes even when it’s cold outside. It’s not easy to put on but you’ll be so proud of yourself once you do. Just remember to wash it carefully after every wear.

Print out the template on a piece of paper, cut it out and put it on the fabric you have chosen. Trace around it with the pencil, leaving a small space between the lines for sewing. Cut out the main part of your coat.


Fold the fabric over the marks of your coat, starting from the bottom portion.


Place the pin at the end of each fold and sew them down.

Attach a satin ribbon to hold it together in the middle portion of your coat, just above where you put glue on your pins. Now you’ll sew on strips to make two pockets and four belt loops on each side of your coat. You can make them as wide as you like or they should at least be one inch or less. Sew on the buttons to make the bottom portion of your coat close (if you are able to use buttons, otherwise use Velcro). Put glue on each button, press it and sew it in place. Repeat on both sides of your coat.


Take a piece of elastic and sew it in a loop at the wrist opening of your regncoat using some sewing thread. Cut a piece of satin ribbon and glue it around your waist, just above your belt loops. Repeat on the other side.

Now you’re almost done! Start by folding down the sleeves of one side of your coat, pinning it in place after you sew it down. Then fold the rest of your sleeve and sew it in place as well. Repeat on the other side if needed, then put glue on each sleeve you’ve folded down, press them and sew them in place.

To make the collar, cut and piece together two pieces of fabric. Pin them together in the middle and sew them. Put glue on each pin, press it and sew it in place. Sew on the ribbon to make a loop at the end of each sleeve of your coat, just above your wrist elastic (if you are using buttons for sleeves, attach them onto your loops).

make your

coat more durable

Put glue on every button and press them into place, then sew them. Now you’re done! Wear your regncoat proudly with a warm smile. Your coat is only as strong as the thread you sew it with. It’s recommended to use cotton thread in order to make it last longer and feel better. It’s also good to use glue on every pin, press it and sew it in place (if you don’t have a sewing machine) in order to make your coat more durable. Regncoats are a great addition to your wardrobe. They feel very nice against your skin and keep you warm even in winter.