I am an ordinary girl who lives in the place wherein there were mountains and less people around. Lesser people means away from chaos and away from anything bad that comes around. It is such a wonderful thing to live a place like I used to live when I was younger. Even though life is not that easy but as long as we are one as a family together we stand to survive for our living. But all those things that we had with my family were all gone just that so easily. Our family suffers from a horrible accident wherein our area were covered with strong typhoon and I was the only lucky member of the family who survived from the said incident. I was only a young teenager that time that all my life is depending to my own parents, Luissa escorts in London sx.

To make the story short I continue to live in an orphanage wherein they adopted me after I survived from the said incident. From there I stayed for almost a half of my life for they sent me to school but when I was growing I have been suffering from loneliness that I wanted to escape from that place. So what I did is that I find a way to get a wonderful exit that no one should know. I do the preparation for about a year and finally I made it. When I all have the courage and determination to do it then I bravely do it. During the first night it was so hard for me for I do not know where to go so I slept on the street. I know what I did is so dangerous for me, especially I am a woman and there were bad people around streets who abuses women. But I was so lucky that night that nobody harm me. The early morning I look for a place to live in since I have savings with me and the next plan is to look for a job. So while doing such kind of plan to happen it was not all easy for me. I had to experience a lot of failures and struggles.

I had been through different kinds of works but it is working with London escorts as an escort make me who I am today. They the only one who gave me another chance to live and give me a family that I lost long time ago. Having such a wonderful work and awesome life feels me the need to have that someone in my life but I was so unlucky with it for I had been through series of abusive relationship. This is maybe because I am too good that they are abusing my goodness to the point wherein I don’t have anything left for myself. But it was London escorts help through all those things. They never left me behind especially on my weakest battle that I think I had in my life. They never left at my side they are always there in all the things that I needed most especially support and companion.

With all the struggles and circumstances that I had been through all my life I could say that I am so blessed that I am financially independent as a London escort. I could proudly tell this to everyone all because of the kind help and guidance that has given to me by my London escorts family. If not of their kind, generous and patience to me I could not have what I have now. I now have my own happy and loving family and that is my London escorts family. I got all the things that I needed and what I want with limitation of course.

Yes I have been to different hard things in life but I am blessed to have them in my life for those are the reasons who made me the person who I am today. If not of the struggles that I had been through in the past my life could not be as interesting as it is today.So thank you past for passing by in my life.